The Short Version:
I love sharing images so please, just ask first. In most cases, I will be more than happy to allow it in exchange for attribution and a link back to my site. Just send me an email telling me how and where you want to use it and I’ll respond as quickly as I can. Want to find out more about where to get photos you can use? Click here.

The Long Version:
Unless otherwise noted on an individual basis, all photos on this site are fully copyrighted and owned by Alexandra Lucas. All rights reserved. It is not okay to copy them and use them on your own site or blog without permission. Just because they may show up on a Google image search, it doesn’t mean you can use them without permission. It takes time and effort to do a site like this and I am happy to share knowledge and ideas but I am not okay having my work reused without permission, whether it is written work or images. You probably feel the same about your own work.

Copyright is problematic sometimes when we get into the area of fair usage but this may help. Fair usage applies to art, music, literature and other creations including photography that may be copyrighted. The copyright is enforced by the country of origin, not necessarily your country. For example, Canadian copyright law applies to all work by me on this site. That means that since this site is not a museum or other public place displaying permanent works of art and nor is it a news event, none of these photos can be copied for any reason without written permission. Some work is not mine and has been otherwise noted (e.g. photos from morgueFile). Please check the terms on sites like morgeFile for licensing specifics. Although they may be free to use, they are not in the public domain and some may require attribution, links, or have other limitations on usage depending on the licence specified by the photographer.


Clipart on this site is from the Open Clipart Library.

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Other images belong to individuals. None are public domain.

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