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The photo on the left is an extreme example and I probably wouldn’t have bothered trying to save it if it weren’t for the fact it was my own mother and grandmother. Some things just shouldn’t be lost. Are you putting your family history together? Perhaps you are rescuing faded or discoloured photos from one of those old magnetic page albums. If you would like to see them back in good condition, I can do it for you. No need to send your photo. Keep your precious original with you and send a digital master file. All photos including black and white should be scanned in the RGB colour mode. If there is no change in size required, scan the photo at a resolution of 600 pixels per inch. Very heavily damaged photos will benefit from being scanned at 1200 pixels per inch. Save the image from your scanner as a .tif or .tiff file.

To receive a firm price before uploading your master file, just send me a note about what you would like to have done and attach a low resolution (72 dpi) file in the form below. Questions? Just email me.


  • Basic to moderate restoration $40. This includes color correction, simple tears, dust and dirt.
  • Moderate to extensive restoration $65 and up depending on the extent of the damage and complexity of the photo. This includes heavy mold damage, water damage, severe tears across faces requiring extensive rebuilding, removal of objects and people, addition of people, or change of background.
  • Colourizing $45 and up depending on complexity.

Please contact me before uploading your master photo!

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