Little Fairies on We Heart It

fairy baby

While revamping my sites for better organization, I’ve been finding all kinds of things online and one of them is this photo of my wee one dressed as a fairy.

It was on the front page of SilverGenes Photofix for quite awhile but I also found it on We Heart It. What a nice surprise! I heart it too!

My daughter was dressed in her fairy outfit and that’s a whole other story involving our local New to You shop and a ladies holiday sweater. Anyway, after I spent an hour or two at the sewing machine, my little fairy was wearing sparkly silver leggings and a matching top.

Sidenote to moms: sweater sleeves make excellent leggings.

Of course, she needed a magic wand so we raided the kitchen drawer for a likely candidate and added some foil. Her hair was wrapped in a seashell necklace and her top adorned with a flower pin from the same shopping trip. She was ready for her first costume party but wanted to explore her new character outside first. It seemed like an excellent idea so off we went and I couldn’t resist capturing the memory on film (yes, film).

Later, I scanned the original print and imported it into Photoshop where I removed dust and made minor adjustments to color. Then I added a touch of lens flare (Filter>Render>Lens Flare>35mm Prime) and some sparkles with a brush from Obsidian Dawn’s Fantasy collection and the resulting image is exactly the way we both remember the day.

Sometimes the camera alone just can’t capture what the heart sees.

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