Sunset on Glass

This photo was taken on a snowy evening just as the sun was setting.

Unfortunately, the camera did not fully capture the drama in color that I saw reflected on the windshield. It was taken as a high quality Jpeg with a Fujifilm F-10 and it’s not a bad shot for a simple point-and-shoot camera. I am constantly surprised by how well this camera handles low light.


However, the most important part of how well this camera works is the batteries seem to last forever! It’s the perfect camera to have in your pocket for all those moments when we usually say, “Oh, I wish I had my camera!”

Update on this great little camera: As of summer 2009, it is at the bottom of Lake Winnipeg.

Writer’s note: So what on earth would this have to do with writing? Remember the old saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? It can be. Take snaps like these and use them as a visual notepad. It brings back the moment and you will be able to describe it vividly.

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