Ah, the dandelion. This is one of nature’s most useful plants. Every year we do our best to eradicate it and it bounces right back! In this case, it grew between the cracks of some highly textured concrete.

This shot was taken with a Canon Rebel XTi and basic adjustments in Aperture – that’s it!

The effect of light and shadow is harsh because it was taken in very bright sunlight. It was so high contrast that it seemed as if it had been over-processed and the contrast boosted. Even the colour appeared too saturated. This is a great example of when not to shoot. Either that, or be prepared to do something creative with it in editing. I had fun making this ‘old Polaroid type’ transfer.

Writer’s note: Do you have anything stashed away that makes you wince but you can’t bear to throw it out? Give it new life, just like this. Do something different with it. Take phrases and make Facebook memes, greeting cards, or word puzzles. Have fun with bad writing! If anyone is fresh out of that, I have a stash I’m happy to share!

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