Washed Light Interior

Washed Light Interior - Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg ON

This photo was taken at Upper Canada Village about 15 years ago with a Sigma SD9. It was shot in RAW and adjusted in Aperture and Photoshop.

This is what should be an impossible shot but I was going for the mood of deep shadow in the interior. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of noise in the low light areas so I made some minimal adjustments to these areas.

It was taken at midday during the summer so the light is very harsh, intensifying the contrast. There is blowout in the road outside and flare that I removed from the metal hanging by the window. Still, there was something about the mood of the shot that made me want to keep it.

Levels adjustments were used to unify the shadow zones and I adjusted the RAW image for deep shade to capture the colours more accurately. Finally, a noise filter was applied to reduce the colour noise in the green and blue channels. If I were doing this again, I would make multiple exposures at the time of capture.

Writer’s note: I love going to places where it feels as if I’ve stepped back in time. I’m keenly aware of the heat, the buzz of summer insects, the sound of everyday activities. Wait. Horses hooves and distant oxen are not exactly everyday noises. The scents and colors are different, too. Colors of milk paint and dyed wool have a depth and feeling of permanence that is hard to describe. Take the shot. Pull in as much as you can for reference. Can you feel the meaning and purpose of things? This is how it used to be every day. Remember and use it for your historic novels.

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