Patterned Curtain

Patterned Curtain - Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg ON

These are my first digital photos taken with a Sigma SD9 almost 15 years ago. It was at Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario on a bright summer afternoon.

This is less than optimum for interior shots with a window as a backdrop. Because there was an expanse of white fabric in the foreground, exposure was lowered to capture more detail outside. Same problem though in low light situations – noise present in the foreground. Again, minimal adjustments here. Shadow Highlight with masking brought out detail in the curtain on the right side of the window but once again, Levels had to be adjusted to avoid confusion in the shadow zones.

Lesson learned:

It’s much better to slightly overexpose than underexpose. The math of digital photography maintains more information at the light end and allows more detail to be recorded and rescued when needed.

Writer’s note: By now it’s probably apparent that I have a ‘thing’ for windows and doors. For me they represent portals to the past, to the future, and to the unknown. There is a feeling that I try to capture in some of these impossible shots and even though it may be technically challenging, the underlying emotional response is still there. Can I still smell the linens as they were being pressed? Can I imagine the summer activities outside as I sprinkle more lavender water over the sheets? Yes! The same holds true for my writing notes as for the photo. Pay attention to the foreground when near time portals!

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