Rose-Coloured Glasses

Late Winter Afternoon - Brockville ON

Ontario evening sky colours are different from the dazzling displays on the prairies. If colour were music, we would be talking Brahms and Beethoven respectively.

The Ontario colours are softer with shades of pink that blend subtly with the orange sherbet colours closer to the sun. This photo was taken in high quality JPG format on the way to the convenience store with the Fuji F10, a little point-and-shoot that continues to amaze me with the way it handles low light.

In Photoshop, it was opened in the ProPhoto RGB colour space in order to avoid clipping the warmer colours and adjusted in Curves. This is my favorite colour space for processing everything, especially photos with yellows, reds, and oranges. These are the first colours to be clipped in smaller spaces. Then it was cropped with perspective to straighten the streetlight and horizon. Sharpening was done lightly with the High Pass filter.  Image was converted for web colour space and resized. It’s not a spectacular shot but rather an everyday memory. It captures a brief moment when the world was filtered through a rose-colored sunset.

Writer’s note: Have you noticed that it is the warmer color that tends to be clipped in images? The same holds true for words. We often tend to censor our passion, allowing some to leak on to the page, but not in its true state. Explore both the vibrant western sky and the rose and orange sherbet sunsets of the central east. Each has value. Each describes a state of being that is breathtaking and neither deserves clipping.

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