Breakwater Rocks

Breakwater Rocks at Gimli MB

I wanted to see if there would be any exposure problems or color shifts with the sun shining directly on the light rocks and the sky in the background.

This was shot in RAW format in the harsh light of early afternoon against an almost cloudless sky – ISO 100, f/14 at 1/400 sec. No filter used.

The image was then imported to Aperture and simple adjustments made in RAW before exporting to Photoshop for resizing and sharpening for web.

The image was exported as a 16-bit TIFF in ProPhoto color space to preserve the oranges and reds at the upper end of the tonal range. Then, after applying a slight curve and sharpening, it was converted to sRGB IEC61966 and resized for web (using the ‘magic method‘) and saved as an 8-bit JPG.

Normally, this type of image should look terrible on the web, but this process managed to maintain the detail and texture in the rock, with no clipping in the orange areas and blue tones that stayed true to the original.

Writer’s note: Is there a benefit to writer’s block? Does exploring it have the same result as shooting this kind of photograph? I think it does. Exploring that which blocks us and looking for the overall balance with the rest of our creative life is what makes breakthroughs. Blocked? Fine. What does it feel like? Is the texture different? Describe it without ‘clipping’ and make it work!

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